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Boise Goathead Fest’s Mission is majority funded by our grassroots Goathead Ambassadors! 

Mission: Boise Goathead Fest is a locally run event that celebrates Boise’s diverse and growing bicycle community. By encouraging people to ride, empowering local bicycle nonprofits with funding and large-scale exposure, and celebrating Boise bicycle culture as a whole, we hope to transform Boise into the (goatheadless) Bicycle Capital of America.

Your contribution as a Goathead Ambassador supports our mission by helping us commit 100% of the festival proceeds the benefiting nonprofits, and gets you parade registration, a patch and tokens dependent on your level! 

Individual Biz Ambass.png
Indie Ambassador ($50-$100)
  • Parade Registrations for you!

  • One Parade Patch

  • one Beverage token

  • one BGF Steel Cup

Family Biz Ambass.png
Family Ambassador ($100-$200)
  • Parade Registrations for Family (up to Six)!

  • Two Parade Patches

  • two Beverage tokens

  • Two BGF Steel Cups

Small Biz Ambass.png
Small Biz Ambassador ($500)
  • Parade Registration for 25 employees

  • Patches for Registered Employees

  • Ambassador Window decal

  • five Beverage Tokens

  • Five BGF Steel CUPs

  • sign on fencing

  • Ambassador group social media post

  • unmatched team building activity!

Large Biz Ambass.png
Large Biz Ambassador ($1000)
  • Parade Registration for all employees and Family Members

  • Patches for Registered Employees and Family

  • Ambassador Window decal

  • five Beverage Tokens

  • five BGF Steel CUPs

  • sign on fencing (priority placement)

  • Ambassador group social media post

  • unmatched team building activity!


Goathead Ambassadors are…

Visionaries: They believe in a future without goatheads or flat tires, a Boise with the largest Pedal-Powered Parade in the Country, a locally ran bicycle festival that raised $40,000 for bicycle nonprofits each year.

Originals: They invest in the potential of positive change. They take the first step into the unknown because they see the possibility of something truly beautiful. They show up and jump in!

Stewards: They believe in shared space and being in community with each other. They believe great things happen when we all chip in to a collective vision.

Our ask…

As a Goathead Ambassador, we’re asking you to invest, promote, and join us in creating something with limitless potential to transform Boise into the Bicycle Capital of America!

Questions or other ideas…

Contact We’d love to explore ways to make Ambassadorship or Sponsorship an impactful experience for everyone!


Indie Ambassadors

52 of 100

Your Name Here

 Nina Schaeffer

John Drynan a.k.a THE Goathead Bounty Hunter

Eric Molten

Star Fitzgerald

Eric Howe

Kristen Query

Adrian Rodriguez

Laura Fry

Susan Brown

Heidi Maunder

Celicia Byington

Leah Haight

Ashley Squyres

Kara Nielson

Rachel Hugens

Bonnie Shuster

Brent Kidder

Frank Martinez

David Spaulding

 Lisa Sanchez

Malcolm Moncheur

Jeff Peters

Robert Walton

Jason Durand

Alexis Pickering

Katie Powell

Paula Davis

Dasha Velichko

Ivory Carr

Erin Murray

Chris O'Brien

Denny Trumble

Benjamin Trieu

Bridger Putnam

Rudy y Pamella Cedillo

Margie Rosenberg

Steve Strickland

Liz Fitzgerald

Alejandro Anastasio

Todd Walton

Ken Lunstrum

Artist Ambassadors

Ashley Dreyfus

Sid Enck

Rachel Hays

Betsy Peterson

Montgomery Weight

Danielle Castillo Blandin

Miguel Almeida

Casey Pfost

Tabitha Wright

Justin White

Courtney Compton

Family Ambassadors

42 of 100

Your Name Here

William Lechten and Family

Abbey Wymond and Family

Courtney Wyatt and Family

Bridget Molten and Family

James Sangroniz and Family

Chris Dyer and Family

Will Swenson and Family

Carolyn Park and Family

Dianne Berning and Family

Bonnie Holtzclaw and Family

Lucky Kelley and Family

Shawn Welch and Family (Boise Bicycle Tours)

Nick Stinemates and Family

David Buch and Family

Katie Baker and Family

Holli Woodings and Family

Sean Hunter and Family

John Girgis and Family

Justin Blauch and Family

Liz Thurmond and Family

Bill Hallyburton and Family

Erik Olson and Family

Larry Fettkether and Family

Rex Parker and Heather Kimmel

Jason Jones and Family

Cacia Lewis and Family

Cathy + Quentin Knipe + their Nutlets

Chris Wyatt and Family

Maryanne & Rocky Jordan

Courtney Santillan and Family

Greg Adams and Family

Cindy Trail and Mike Young

Scott & Michelle Taylor

The Van De Graaff Family

The Labor Family

Julie and Howard Wiley

The Harrington-Morgan Family

Kathy & Steve Van Vactor

David & Patty Skinner Family

The MacArthur Family

Andrew and Tina Little

Jill, Brian, Vienne, and Vander Rich

Small Biz Ambassadors

26 of 50

Your Name Here

ACHD Commuteride

Happy Family

Boise Fry Co.

Clifton Larson Allen LLC

Steady Climb Financial Planning

Foerstel Design

IBEW Local 291

Outdoor Exchange

Zamco Inc.

Carmel Crock, GREEN Realtor, AV West Real Estate

Eagle Bike Shop

Cauze Inc.

Drake Cooper

Verdant Crossfit

Thornton Oliver Keller Commercial Real Estate

Sightline Photo

The FuNKy tACO

ASCENT Boise Real Estate

CTA Architect Engineers

Kount Inc.

MWI Animal Health

School of Public Service, Boise State University


Business Interiors of Idaho

City Peanut Shop

Hawkins Co.

Large Biz Ambassadors

20 of 30

Your Name Here

BSU Cycle Learning Center

Treefort Music Fest

Radio Boise

North End Organic Nursery


Modern Hotel


Boise Co-op


Buy-Boise Real Estate Group, LLC

Boise Rock School

Local Brewery Ambassadors

Hayden Beverage

Boise Brewing

Meriwether Cidery

Mother Earth Brewing

Lost Grove Brewing

White Dog Brewing

Mad Swede Brewing

Barbarian Brewing

Payette Brewing